Heartbroken man sends 6 boys to rape his own wife

Heartbroken man sends 6 boys to rape his own wife

Heartbroken man sends 6 boys to rape his own wife

From a male blog reader:

I never knew I could love any human the
way I loved my wife. I took care of her like a
daughter after picking her from the
gutters, I cleaned her and her family up,
sent all her siblings to school and 2 of them
to the uk for masters, I married her and
honored her. I never minded her poor
background, I loved her and brought her up
to my level , but she betrayed me and
fucked my father, my own biological father
my wife had sex with him, not just the sex,
she got pregnant for my father. Because of
the family I come from and my dads
political opponents, this could not get out.

It was covered up within the family, my
mum took my wife for an abortion and they
asked me to act normal after my dad
apologized with 10 million in my account.

Money can’t take away pain, am suppose to
live with this same woman and sleep with
her, over my dead body will I do that. I have
not spoken to her for 1 month, I need to
revenge and make her hurt the way I am
hurting. So I sent some guys after her , 6 of
them to rape her messlessly since she likes
sex, they did as I instructed, the raped her
like a dog and spat on her private part like I
instructed. She is in the hospital now, but I
am not yet satisfied. Can you all suggest to
me what I can do? I don’t wasn’t to take
human life, but I want to pull her skin out
of her body while she feel the pain. How do
you punish an abominable woman? Since I
can’t divorce her according to family rules, I
can’t tell anyone what happened, I need her
to hurt so badly like me

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