‘I Am A True Servant Of God’ – Majid Michel Says

‘I Am A True Servant Of God’ –
Majid Michel Says

Just to give his numerous fans across Africa the
assurance that he did not declare himself a born-again
Christian and a pastor for selfish reasons, award-
winning Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel, has stressed that
he is a true servant of God.

Apparently responding to cynics and critics alike, who
had earlier dismissed his claims of being a pastor as a
ploy to preserve his popularity among movie fans on the
continent, Majid, who had been preaching about God
and the Christian faith on social media, recently noted
on Instagram that his motive was not to seek the
attention of anyone.

Quoting directly from the scriptures, he wrote,
“Am I now trying to win the favour and approval of
men or that of God? Or am I seeking to please
someone? If I were still trying to be popular with
men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ.”

Considering the intensity of his passion for the gospel
nowadays, it is becoming clear that the actor, who is
now addressed as Evangelist Majid Michel, may decide
to dump the screen for the pulpit anytime soon.

As proof that he may well be destined for the switch,
Majid was a guest speaker at a three-day Leadership
Summit organised at the Strong Tower Parish of the Fire
of Life Ministries, a Christian organisation, in Benin City,
capital of Edo State, last May.

Also, sharing his experience on the set of Emem Isong’s
‘Ayamma’ in an interview with our correspondent in
October, 2016 the actor had revealed his real motive as
a born-again actor when he said,
“I have just realised that the authority of Jesus Christ
must be asserted in every culture and tradition.

“I believe that Jesus came to purge these cultures and
to take them away. Also, He came to take away our
traditions and to replace them with His kingdom on
earth. I believe that the real culture is the way of God.”
However, Majid is not the first popular Nollywood actor
to become a Christian evangelist or pastor all of a

Many movie fans have not forgotten how Eucharia
Anunobi, easily one of the most popular actresses that
Nollywood has produced, stirred up the entertainment
when she announced in 1997 that she had become a
born-again Christian.

Twenty years later, the actress, who claimed in an
interview with an online newspaper that her conversion
had instantly made her the butt of most jokes in the
film industry, appears to be doing fine as a pastor.

Just as Eucharia did not quit acting, it is also possible
that Majid may retain his status as a pastor while
entertaining his fans on the screen.

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